Weapons fall into four types: Swords, Bows, Staves and Fists (Unarmed). Different types carry different bonuses, and continued use of one will make the player even more proficient in it, so it is heavily advised to pick one and stick to it in the long term. Weapons can be bought in the Market or the Forge, and can be found as drops from fighting monsters. Weapons have a level limit that the player must be at to equip it, but higher levels have, on average, higher attack modifiers.

Name Strength Multiplier Equip With Shield? Extra Bonuses
Bows Lowest compared to other weapons No High chance to attack before opponent, armor piercing
Staves Low compared to other weapons Yes Increased healing, chance to cast a spell for extra damage
Swords High compared to other weapons Yes Increased critical hit damage
Fists (Unarmed) Highest Yes Increased counter attack chance
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