The Travel Area is the traveling hub for players wishing to continue on to the next area, either to buy better tools or fight harder monsters. Generally, players will travel to each of the areas in order, as to buy better tools you must possess the one before it, and skipping an area and fighting monsters in the next is a death sentence.

Keep in mind that while fighting monsters in later areas will give you more gold and experience than in the previous, this does not apply to harvesting. Also, the player must always pay the travel price, regardless of how many times they have visited previously, so it is highly recommended to buy all tools from the previous area's Forge before traveling to the next.

Travel Costs

Area Name Travel Cost
Glendell Glade None
The Murky Mire 1,000,000
Evondale Village 2,000,000
Airia 3,000,000
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