Spanning many miles of swampland, only the most outdoorsy adventurers are able to call The Murky Mire home. In the past, its citizens found great enjoyment traveling through the marsh, but it has since been overrun with strange, deadly creatures.

The Murky Mire is the second area that players will typically travel to. It contains much the same things that the player is used to in terms of layout, but offers harder monsters following on from the hardest one in Glendell Glade, and most importantly, upgraded tools available from The Forge, which cost 25 crystals and require the player to be at level 50 in the applicable skill. It always costs 1,000,000 gold to travel to.


Overlooking the vast expanse of swamplands nearby, several buildings stand in a row where the Mire's citizens can purchase any food or tools they might need.

The Marsh's Edge has the same layout as The City Square, albeit with slightly different names. The player can travel to The Forge to buy various items (see below), to The Marsh to battle monsters (see below), and to the four Harvesting areas, The Fishing Dock, The Lumber Mill, The Mines and The Quarry, where Food, Wood, Iron and Stone respectively can be obtained.

Area2 main

The Marsh's Edge

The Forge

Almost completely devoid of content, the only notable item here is a rather large, stuffed crocodile sitting prominently in the corner.

The Forge is primarily used in this case to upgrade the player's tools to Opal level, costing 25 crystals each. Many players should not need to buy anything else here, but the other items sold have good attack and defense stats, if a bit pricey.

There is an option to talk to a scary but well-dressed man.

Area2 forge

The Forge

The Marsh

Stretching out for miles and miles, the Marsh is full of strange, deadly creatures.

The Marsh is a good place to go to have a fight.
Area2 fight

The Marsh

Name Health Experience Gold Drop
1 Fog Serpent 68,554 72 49 Serpent Tail, Serpent Tongue
2 Ethereal Toad 74,788 77 51 Animal Tongue
3 Flying Mist 81,374 79 53 Elemental Energy
4 Giant Gar Pike 88,319 81 54
5 Giant Crocodile 95,633 84 56 Animal Tongue
6 Harpy Archer 103,323 86 58 Humanoid Flesh
7 Manticore 111,397 89 59 Beast Fur, Beast Limb, Beast Tooth
8 Mirescreen 119,865 93 61 Plant Leaf, Plant Vine
9 Four-Headed Hydra 128,734 93? 61
10 Swamp Troll 138,012  96 62 Humanoid Bone, Humanoid Flesh,

Humanoid Limb

11 Gray Ooze 147,707 Ooze Gel
12 Green Hag 157,827
13 Smogbody 168,380 Elemental Energy
14 Muck Lizard 179,375 Animal Eye, Animal Tongue
15 Marsh Giant 190,818
16 Black Ooze 202,719 Ooze Gel
17 Yellow Marsh Dagon 215,083 Dragon Eye, Dragon Scale, Dragon Tail
18 Mistscreamer 227,921 Elemental Energy

Black Viper

20 Gythrinal 255,043
21 Smog Golem 269,343
22 Black Marsh Dragon 284,146 Dragon Eye, Dragon Scale, Dragon Tail
23 Medusa 299,460 Humanoid Flesh,

Humanoid Limb

24 Swamp Thing 315,292 42 28 Aberration Mind Source
25 Smoke Mirage 331,650 43 29 Elemental Energy
26 Underwater Mold 348,541
27 Dawnseeker 365,973
28 Vapormorph 383,953 Elemental Energy
29 Mud Dragon 402,488 Dragon Eye, Dragon Scale, Dragon Tail
30 Tides of Marsh 421,586 Ooze Gel

Travel Area
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