The Inventory is the screen where all the player's Items can be found. The screen is split into 6 tabs: Weapons, Armor, Tools, Gems, Accessories, and Ingredients. Both the Weapons and Armor tabs are split up into sub-tabs for easy item finding: All, Swords, Bows and Staves for Weapons, and All, Helmets, Breastplates, Gloves, Boots and Shields for Armor.

Anything you buy or get as Drops (apart from Gem Fragments and Crafting Materials, which can be found at the relevant Market page) can be found here. Weapons, Armor and Accessories can only be equipped if you meet its level requirement (In the case of Accessories, it's stat requirement), as shown in the picture.


Inventory Features

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Screenshot 2

Weapons, Armor and Tools can be bought in The Forge.

In the Inventory screen, you can do the following actions.

  • Equip Weapons, Armor and Accessories to your Character.
  • Slot Gems
  • Scrap Equipment for Scraps
  • Deconstruct Gems for Gem Fragments
  • List them up in the Global Market
  • Send an item to a recipient
  • Rename an item for 50 Crystals or 150 Fame Points
  • Become an item's owner for 50 Crystals or 150 Fame Points
  • Become an gem's owner for 10 Crystals or 30 Fame Points
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