The Global Market (commonly referred to as the Market) is where players buy and sell items and premium currencies from and to other players. The market is currently divided into 8 tabs: Crystals, Platinum, Resources, Weapons, Armor, Gems, Components, and My Listings.

Resources and Components are further divided up into Food, Iron, Wood and Stone for Resources, and Crafting Materials, Gem Fragments and Ingredients for Components. The My Listings shows what the player currently has up for sale anywhere on the Market.

Tab List Directly List from Inventory Comments
Crystals Yes No Crystals are the premium currency in RoA.
Platinum Yes No Platinum is the secondary premium currency in RoA.
Resources Yes No i.e. Food, Wood, Iron and Stone.
Weapons No Yes As most weapons have unique stats, these are listed individually.
Armor No Yes As most armor has unique stats, these are listed individually.
Gems No Yes Despite currently having no use, gems can still be sold on the market.
Components Yes Yes (Ingredients Only) Crafting Materials and Gem Fragments can be listed directly, Ingredients must be listed from the player's inventory.

Tip: Items are always listed cheapest first, so if you want to sell items quickly, put them up for the cheapest/near cheapest price. However, if you need more, put it up for a higher price and wait for minor fluctuations in the market. However, more experienced players highly recommend mass scrapping Poor quality items from your inventory to save space in both the inventory and market, and because selling Crafting Materials is always easier and often more lucrative than selling Poor quality weapons individually.

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