This is a collection of all gameplay tips for your convenience. They occasionally are shown in the main chat, if the corresponding preference is ticked, or the command /tips on is used.

  1. Platinum is primarily used to improve various skills in the Training Center. These skills are very powerful, so you won't want to ignore them!
  2. There are many special commands you can use in chat. Type "/help" to view them all.
  3. One of the simplest ways to earn extra gold, platinum and stats is to complete quests, so make sure to always have an active quest for the monster you're fighting or tradeskill you're improving!
  4. A new harvesting tool upgrade is available in each area. You'll need to have the previous area's version along with certain harvest levels and crystals, though. Traveler beware!
  5. Know thy weapons! Going unarmed boosts your counter attack chance and has the highest strength multiplier.
  6. Know thy weapons! Swords boost your damage when you land a critical strike and have the second highest strength multiplier.
  7. Know thy weapons! Bows penetrate armor, give you a higher chance to strike first and have the lowest strength multiplier, but the highest base damage. Remember that you can't use a shield while wielding a bow.
  8. Know thy weapons! Staves bestow a chance to cast a spell for passive damage and increase your healing skill. They won't interfere with wearing a shield either!
  9. New weapons and armor don't do any good unless they're equipped. Make sure you check your inventory from time to time for new gear.
  10. Stamina is not a time-restricted resource - it automatically refills any time you begin (or restart) an activity. Its function is to limit the amount of actions your character performs at full speed before requiring additional user input.
  11. Being annoyed by someone in chat? There's an /ignore feature precisely for that! Just type "/ignore <their name>" in chat and then you'll never have to see them again!
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