The Event Shop is a game-operated shop that is used to buy accessories with Event Points, which are gained by participating in Events.

You can find it by clicking on the event button. A popup will appear where you can click on "event shop".


Click on the event button on the right of the screen.


Click on the "Event Shop" button


The Event Shop in all it's glory

Accessory Price Type Upgradable
Toxic Amulet 1,000 Event Points Necklace No
Poison-spitting Ring 1,125 Event Points Ring No
Amulet of Scorched Earth 4,125 Event Points Necklace No
Band of Flames 4,250 Event Points Ring No
Cool Arctic Moon Locket 5,000 Event Points Necklace Yes
Blank Amulet of Confusion 6,000 Event Points Necklace No
Perplexed Ring 6,000 Event Points Ring No
Protected Mystic Amulet of the Elements 8,500 Event Points Necklace No
Band of the Universe 8,500 Event Points Ring No
Nature-Crafted Band 8,625 Event Points Ring No
Tree Guardian's Amulet of Growth 9,050 Event Points Necklace No
Resilient Strengthening Band 13,500 Event Points Ring No
Powerful Toughness Amulet 14,750 Event Points Necklace No
Insatiable Avarice Amulet 18,175 Event Points Necklace No
Required Ring of Greed 18,250 Event Points Ring No
Amulet of Evasiveness 21,000 Event Points Necklace No
Elusive Ring of the Shadow World 22,250 Event Points Ring No
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