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The Dungeon Shop is a game-operated shop that is used to buy accessories with Dungeon Points and symbols, which are gained by exploring and searching rooms in the dungeon.

Symbols Acryonyms

  • Mercurian Symbol: M
  • Jupiterian Symbol: J
  • Saturnian Symbol: S
  • Neptunian Symbol: N
  • Plutonian Symbol: P


Accessory DP Price Symbol Price (Bland Only) Type/Inventory Slot
Feverent Amulet 7,200 M:2, P:1 Amulet
Decomposed Fish Amulet 7,500 J:1, S:1, N:1 Amulet
Amulet of the Overburdened Axe 7,500 M:1, J:2 Amulet
Harmful Marble Amulet 7,500 M:1, S:2 Amulet
Weakening Amulet 7,500 S:1, N:2 Amulet
Clumsily Crafted Amulet 15,000 S:2, N:2, P:2 Amulet
Tarnished Amulet of Carving 15,000 S:1, N:3, P:2 Amulet
Spinning Ring of Haste 18,000 N:4, P:2 Ring
Glowing Mushroom Ring 22,500 J:5, N:2 Ring
Ring of the Woodland Creatures 22,500 J:4, S:3 Ring
Band of the Miners 22,500 M:7 Ring
Chiseled Stone Band 22,500 N:3, S:4 Ring
Apprentice's Stone 23,250 J:4, S:2, P:1 Amulet
Ring of Feverish Haste 35,000 N:6, P:4 Ring
Amulet of the True Warriors 40,250 M:5, J:2, P:3 Amulet
Skillfully Crafted Amulet 43,750 S:4, N:4, P:2 Amulet
Exquisite Amulet 43,750 S:3, N:5, P:2 Amulet
Amulet of the Cleric Master 49,000 J:8, P:2 Amulet


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