Drops are what makes the figurative text-based world of Avabur turn.

Drops Battling Harvesting Comments
Crystals, Gold, Platinum Yes Yes Crystals are a rare drop, usually giving only one or two. Gold and Platinum give a randomized amount plus a level bonus.
Ingredients Yes Yes To be used in Crafting in a future update. For a full list of Crafting Ingredients, see here.
Weapons Yes No Increases attack and boost some skills (counterattack, spellcasting etc.)depending on weapon type.They also carry a negligible stat increase.
Armor Yes No Increases defense and carries a negligible stat increase.
Crafting Materials Yes Yes Crafting Materials will be used for Crafting in a future update.
Gems No Yes Quite a rare commodity. Gems will be able to be slotted to weapons and armor to make it stronger, however this is currently unimplemented.
Gem Fragments Yes Yes Gem fragments can also be obtained from breaking down Gems in the players inventory, but this is not recommended due to the value, rarity and usefulness differences in the two items. Gem Fragments currently are used in carving, along with components, to create more customized Gems.
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