Crafting is a feature in the game. It will use Crafting Ingredients and Crafting Materials. In conjunction with Gem Fragments and various other Resources, are able to create various items and perhaps upgrade them.

Carving Gems is done at the Carving Bench in the house (It must first be built). A Saw is required from the forge, and uses Gem fragments and Crafting Ingredients (determined by which type of Gem is being crafted)

The table below describes the level at which each gem is unlocked for the carver.

Ingredient(s) per gem tier is equal to 1 ingredient per 3 gem tiers, starting at tier 0.

Gem tier 0 (lvl. 0) Ingredients needed
Strength Beast Limb, Plant Branch, Chunk of Graphite
Health Yellow Pollen, Plant Leaf, Golden Apple
Coordination Animal Eye, Dragon Eye, Serpent Eye
Agility Animal Tounge, Beast Wing, Serpent Tounge
Gem tier 1 (lvl. 10) Ingredients needed
Elusion (Evasion) Octopus Ink, Ooze Gel
Brawling (Unarmed Combat) Aberration Mind Source, Protection Stone
Sorcery (Magical Weapons) Elemental Energy, Magical Stone
Sniping (Ranged Weapons) Plant Vine, Squid Tentacle
Dueling (Melee Weapons) Animal Tooth, Beast Tooth
Restoration (Healing) Humanoid Flesh, Plant Root
Retaliation (Counter) Humanoid Bone, Serpent Tail
Gem tier 2 (lvl. 20)

Ingredients needed

Normalizing (damage to aberrations)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Aberration Mind Source, Construct Power
Hunting (damage to animals)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Animal Eye, Animal Tooth,

Animal Tongue, Animal Wing

Taming (damage to beasts)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Beast Fur, Beast Limb,

Beast Tooth, Beast Wing

Destruction (damage to constructs)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Construct Power, Chunk of Graphite,

Rainbow Shard, Honeycomb

Slaying (damage to dragons)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Dragon Eye, Dragon Scale,

Dragon Tail

Weathering (damage to elementals)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Elemental Energy, Plant Root,

Beast Wing

Murdering (damage to humanoids)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Humanoid Bone, Humanoid Flesh,

Humanoid Limb

Solidifying (damage to oozes)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Ooze Gel, Yellow Pollen,

Copper Ore

Weedwhacking (damage to plants)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Plant Branch, Plant Leaf,

Plant Root, Plant Vine

Charming (damage to serpents)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Serpent Eye, Serpent Tail,

Serpent Tongue

Exterminating (damage to vermin)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Vermin Eye, Vermin Tooth,

Bird Nest

Gem tier 3 (lvl. 30) Ingredients needed
Swiftness (multistrike chance) Octopus Ink, Vermin Eye
Potency (critical hit chance) Lucky Coin, Dragon Scale
Recklesness (critical hit damage) Construct Power, Serpent Tongue
Resiliance (toughness) Turtle Shell, Protection Stone
Retribution (counter attack damage) Fish Fin, Chunk of Graphite
Recovery (healing percent) Plant Vine, Rune Stone
Smithing (crafting boost) Chunk of Coal, Humanoid Limb
Etching (carving boost) Turtle Shell, Fish Fin
Harvesting (resource boost) Squid Tentacle, Honeycomb, Magical Stone, Chunk of Coal
Gem tier 4 (lvl. 40) Ingredients needed
Wisdom (battle experience boost)

(Helmet only)

Aberration Mind Source, Vermin Tooth
Greed (gold boost)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Copper Ore, Dragon Tail
Luck (drop boost)

(Gloves only)

Lucky Coin, Ooze Gel
Mastery (stat drop boost)

(Breastplate only)

Elemental Energy, Bird Nest
Endurance (maximum stamina)

(Breastplate only)

Beast Fur, Golden Apple
Gem tier 5 (lvl. 50) Ingredients needed
Celerity (First Hit Chance)

(Swords, Staves, Bows, and Boots)

Animal Eye, Squad Tentacle, Magical stone
Piercing (Armor Penetration)

(Swords, Staves, and Bows)

Serpent Tail, Animal Tooth, Yellow Pollen
Chronokinesis (Action Time Reduction)

(Boots only)

Rainbow Shard, Animal Wing, Rune Stone

Gem Fragments per Tier

Any gem can be carved for any tier. The level of the item must be greater than or equal to <Tier>*10 in order to be socketed with a gem. ex: A level 11 sword can fit Tier 0 and Tier 1 gems, but not Tier 2 gems or above

Tier Fragments
0 50
1 121
2 205
3 296
4 395
5 499
6 609
7 723
8 841
9 963
10 1,089
11 1,218

Crafting items is done at the Crafting Table in the house (It must first be built). A Hammer is required from the forge, and uses Crafting Materials. Cost = <Level>*<QualityCost> ex: Level 8 Basic item costs 8*6 = 48 Crafting Materials.

Quality Crafting Materials

for level 1

Poor 4
Basic 6
Standard 10
Refined 15
Epic 25
Legendary 40
Artifact 60
Relic 100

All items crafted are able to get random bonuses depending on what crafting level the crafter is.

Crafting Level 40 will unlock Platinum Bonuses such as Multistrike Chance, Toughness, Stonecutting Boost, etc...

Crafting Level 60 will unlock Battling Bonuses such as +% damage to Dragons, Aberrations, etc...

Crafting Level 80 will unlock Crystal Bonuses such as Drop Boost, Maximum Stamina, Resource Boost etc...

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